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This programme is designed to act as a reset to establishing healthy habits and routines.  You will feel more energised and will identify foods that optimise how you look and feel.   You will also become aware of foods that may not be serving your body and this programme will help you find healthy alternatives.  The products are vegan, animal cruelty free, gluten and dairy free and you do have the option to add animal products if desired.  The programme is fully customisable.    You will be registered as a preferred client and receive the 30 Days to Wellbeing digital booklet as well as ongoing discounts and special offers.

30 Days to Healthy Living Programme

  • You will receive two protein powders of your choice (vanilla or chocolate), two boxes of fizz sticks of your choice (pomegranate, strawberry, citrus or blood orange), 2 packets of herbal tea, 1 box of 30 gut health digestion and microbiome support sachets and two of the following three products; Cleantox gentle cleanse, gut health fibre support or BeWell superfood greens.  

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