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Meet Danelle Stevens


Danelle is a NZ Registered Nutritionist who works across the wider Bay of Plenty region.  She has many years experience working with athletes in both team and individual sports and is currently the nutrition provider for the Adams Centre for High Performance.  Danelle has also worked as an accredited Diabetes Educator and continues to work with both Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetic clients in her private practice.


Her expertise includes weight management, sports nutrition, healthy eating and managing health conditions such as Diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure, elimination and reintroduction diets for Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  She has a special interest in hormonal issues and how to train to match your physiology.


Danelle uses a range of nutrition strategies that suit each individual's circumstances.  She also offers a suite of functional tests to help you truly understand what is happening inside your body and will guide her therapeutic decisions.

To make an appointment please book online or contact Danelle on 021 02040095 or  Zoom consultations are also available for out of town clients.  You can access her nutrition products through her store here or view a full range of the Arbonne products available here:

Client Reviews

"Thank you Danelle.  It is nice to work with a professional that is down to earth and we can relate to."  John

"I've tried to lose weight the DIY way but never stick with it.  Danelle has helped me to stay motivated and excited about reaching my goal.  I couldn't do it without her."  Karen

"I can't thank Danelle enough for her support in my weight loss journey.  I've lost 26kg in 4 months.  She is highly motivating, incredibly knowledgeable and gave me a plan that worked for me.  I fully recommend her if you want to change your life and regain your health.  I couldn't have done it without her." Anita

I remember my first appointment and I had a migraine, I was not in a good way, I felt embarrassed that my first meet was me in pain and crying. Danelle was so understanding, did not rush me but knew what our first step was… A DUTCH test, a what?  When the results came back Danelle explained them to me so clearly.  So, we started a simple treatment, yes, a pill, but only one and after a couple months I was getting less migraines. A year down the track and I have the best year ever!!! I still get little migraines now and again but wow, who cares because I feel amazing! I am so much happier, more social and my gym sessions awesome!

Nutrition Counselling


Whether you are looking to improve your energy levels, lose weight or perform better at your chosen sport, ongoing counselling and support is important to help you on your journey.  

Having the accountability of a regular weigh in and being able to discuss changes to your meal plan or effects of your training and competition diet are all important determinants of your success.

Achieving your goals requires consistency and at times we all need some extra motivation and encouragement.

Talk to Danelle today about nutrition counselling packages to help you succeed.

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